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NotamView is a tool that displays a UK NOTAM in a graphical format on a map. It is primarily aimed at glider pilots with the ability to place a task planned around BGA turnpoints on the same map and look for potential conflicts. By displaying all the turnpoints on the map, you can easily adjust the task to avoid infringing some temporary airspace. NotamView tries, whenever possible, to draw the true shape of the area covered by a Notam. Since NotamView cannot guarantee to decode all NOTAMS correctly, it also provides access to the raw download for viewing as well as showing each entry individually for closer examination. Please read the disclaimer before using.


July 4, 2012

A new version of NotamView is available.

This version corrects adds some new features and fixes at least one bug. Specifically:

·        The bug that prevented the map from drawing after an options change has been fixed.

·        Notams, Danger Areas, Restricted Areas and Prohibited Areas are now shaded on the map.

·        All airspace and turnpoints have been updated to be current

·        The Update checker should work now

·        A feature has been added to export the notams (all or visible) to a file for import into glide computers etc.

·        Supported export formats are Tim Newport Peace and OpenAir (for WinPilot)

·        Export defaults are controlled from the options menu

Simply install the new version and your settings and user files will be preserved.

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