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THE Program

The full program is supplied in one or both of:
1. An installation file which, when run under Windows will install the program into a directory under Program Files and create menu entries and a desktop icon.
2. A zip file that can be expanded in a directory of your choice. This will work under Windows or any other operating system.

Bugfix updates are intended to overwrite part of an existing installation of the same main version mumber. (e.g 0.6.1 fixes 0.6)
For Windows, they may be supplied as an installer program.
For other operating systems updates are supplied as one or more files which should be placed in the existing notamview directory overwriting any files with the same name that already exist. (By default this directory is c:\program files\notamview on windows)

Current Version: NotamView v1.1.0 Windows Installer File Zipfile for other operating systems

If you don't already have a copy, you will require a working version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). NotamView requires Java 1.5 (J2SE 5.0) or later. The current version of the JRE can be obtained from here. or, if you are using a Mac, here (search for Java). NotamView should also work fine under later versions if Java
Please note this is BIG - 15MB or so.

Windows Installer

Installation is straightforward. Simply run the executable file and the program will install in the recommended directories. A desktop icon and program menu entries will be created.

To run the program, simply double click on the icon or select NotamView from the program menu.

Zip file under Windows, Macs, Linux etc

Simply unzip the zip file in a suitable directory. A directory called notamview will be created and all the NotamView files placed in it. Open a command prompt and cd to this directory. For Windows users, run the program by executing the notamview.bat file. For Linux/bash users, execute the file after ensuring it has execute permissions. Everyone else, type java -jar notamview.jar on the command line.


This may be made available in the future.


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